About Tom

Tom is a West Australian film-maker known for his work capturing surfing and the marine environment.

Driven by a creative mindset, Tom always pushes himself to deliver unique, striking visuals - results that grab the attention of both his clients and their audience. 

Passionate about immersing himself in the ocean; Tom finds inspiration in movement and natural light. At home in any ocean across the world, his skill set is fast becoming a go-to for those seeking to provide an in-depth look at the sea. 


Tom specialises in ocean-based digital cinematography and editing. He is available for hire using the following equipment:

RED Epic Dragon 6K

Sony Fs700

Dave Kelly Custom Waterhousings

Lenses ranging from Fisheye - 800mm

Mac Pro and Macbook Pro with Premiere Pro CC


Tom has worked for companies and publishers including:

Volcom, Rip Curl, Billabong, Oakley, RVCA, Rusty, Quiksilver, Surfing Magazine, Stab Magazine, What Youth, Kai Neville Studio, Epokhe, Volte Wetsuits, Tracks Magazine, The Chia Co, Rockstar and Electric Visual. 


E [email protected]

P +61 420 714 591

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